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SR-22 Proof of Insurance Certificate

An SR-22 is a certification filed by an insurance carrier to a state government stating that a specific client of theirs has an active auto insurance policy with them and is therefore in compliance with state auto insurance laws. SR-22s are generally - although not necessarily - associated with non-standard or high risk auto insurance companies.

Exactly who must have an SR-22 varies from state to state, but it may be required when one is ticketed for having no auto insurance or for other moving violations. Generally the state will require an individual to carry an SR-22 for a certain length of time. Drivers who are required to carry an SR-22 will be further penalized if they are stopped again without proof of insurance, up to and including license suspension or revocation.

Insurance companies may file an SR-22 on their clients' behalf either as an additional charge on a policy or for a flat fee. If a driver cancels his or her insurance with the company, or is canceled due to nonpayment or other factors, the company will then send the state an SR-26, which rescinds the SR-22. The driver will then have to his or her SR-22 refiled, either through reinstating the old policy or by getting insurance with another company.

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