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Tips To Avoid DUI Convictions

By Kum Martin

Here are some tips that will help you minimize your chances against a conviction for drunk driving in California. This does not mean that driving while drunk or under influence of drugs is okay. These tips are only there to help in case of you are under the influence of alcohol and do get stopped and arrested by the police.

  1. A preliminary alcohol screen test is completely voluntary. If you are older than 21, you can politely refuse to do a breathalyzer test.
  2. Just before your arrest for drunk driving, politely refuse to answer the questions the policeman poses regarding your drunk driving. This will ensure that there are no statements to submit to the court that can be used against you.
  3. Field Sobriety Tests are voluntary and you have the right to refuse the test. You may not want to do it as it will be used against you in court so refuse to take the test very politely.
  4. Remember, it is important to be polite to police officers. Ultimately how the jury perceives you is extremely important. The police officers should not have a chance to inform the jury about your behavior.
  5. After your arrest, If given a choice between blood test or breath test, always go for the breath test as it is more unreliable than a blood test.
  6. Certain jurisdictions video your arrest, breath testing and booking. It would be to your advantage if you are on your best behavior as this would have an impact on the jury and their verdict.
  7. Do remember to call close friends and / or relatives you can hear you speak and judge your state of sobriety. This would be extremely useful if they are asked to give a statement.

Do remember to hire a good and experienced drunk driving defense attorney to represent you in court. Only this attorney will be able to help you and make a better presentation in your favor to the prosecutor, judge and the jury.

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